Research shows that old people may end up believing their own lies

A new study shows that older people are more susceptible to believing their own lies as the truth within an hour of telling the lie. They had both young and old participants lie about doing an activity while their brainwaves were measured by an EEG. The older cohort was significantly more likely to believe the lie as truth.

The bottom line is that lying alters memory.

Injured brain’s memories return with music

Researchers have tried playing music to people who have had brain injuries. These people were able to recall new things about their past after listening to the music. These weren’t Alzheimer’s patients. The researchers used top 100 music from each year of the lifetimes of the people. This music seemed to elicit memories of people, or places. They also played music for a control group, and got similar amounts of recollection. More research needs to be done, but it looks like a promising method of restoring the memories of people with brain injuries.