Train your brain

They say your brain is a muscle. OK, it’s not; there’s no muscle cells in there. But it kind of behaves like a muscle, in that the more you exercise it, the better it gets. Many studies show that as you get older, you should keep doing brain exercises. There’s tons of exercises available (crossword puzzles, sudokus, etc.). But how about puzzles designed by neuroscientists?

Lumosity is a website that has these kinds of puzzles, designed to keep you sharp. I admit to not doing these as often as I should, but they’re fun (and sometimes frustrating).

Don’t forget that getting regular physical exercise also helps your brain.

On the other hand, there is evidence that such brain training doesn’t work. But training for improved working memory wouldn’t directly affect reading or math. I’d like to see more neutral research on this topic.

Again, I’m not being paid by them. I use their product because I like it.

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