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Hello. I’m Chris Riley, and I’m a (retired!) middle school science teacher in New Jersey. I’ve been teaching since 2006, after getting Alternate Route certified. I retired in 2022. In a previous incarnation I was a computer programmer / project leader doing work with databases (mostly Oracle with PL/SQL), Perl, Linux, ASP, and others.

It occurs to me that at some point someone might google me, and it would be useful to have something about myself up on the web that is intentional. There are lots of other Chris Rileys, but this one is me.

This site is for my musings on science, science teaching, and things related to it.

Oh, and just in case: This is my blog. Any opinions expressed here are the temporary ramblings of the author. They are not the opinions/policies of my Board of Education/Principal.

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  1. This website is sooo cool. I need to make a website too…You should do an article on Quantum mechanics/physics. I cannot find anything good online. It would also be cool if you put up some science experiments we can do at home. Such as an experiment for teleporting photons 1 meter!!!!!

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