Password Management

Forget your passwords.

Let me change that. You should only remember one password. But that password should be a really good, long one, that no one could ever guess, but you can remember easily.

Password management is a real problem for most Internet users. You should never reuse the same password, but at the same time we need to remember the passwords for many account. I have over a hundred that I need to remember. The best thing is to abdicate trying to remember them and put your passwords in a safe, encrypted, location. You only need to remember this one encryption key and you can get to all of your passwords.

This is done through a password management program. There are a number of good ones, and lifehacker has reviewed the most popular ones. I use LastPass1, and love it. I only have to remember one good, secure, password, and LastPass handles the rest. Any time I need a new one, LastPass will generate a secure one, and I can choose how long, what kinds of characters to use, even whether to avoid ambiguous letters (like O and 0, or I, l, and 1), and more. Here’s one it just generated for me: 8v1mK0mQUdCIInDH. And they can’t use my passwords because they don’t have the encryption key, only I do. Here’s some more information on LastPass: LastPass 101, LastPass 102.

I really recommend that you use a password manager. It will keep you safer on the ‘Net.

I don’t have a relationship with LastPass except as a satisfied user.