Impossibly distant planet

Not impossibly distant from us, but from the host star. HD 106906 b is in the constellation Crux. The planet orbits at a distance of 650 AU, or 97 billion kilometers (more than 20 times the distance from the Sun to Neptune, and is 11 times more massive than Jupiter. The system is thought to be only 13 million years old, very young. Our current theory of how solar systems form will have to change because of this discovery. A planet should not be able to form that far away from the star. If it is a binary star instead of a planet, then it isn’t massive enough. Our understanding of binary stars is that the stars should have relatively close masses, about 10:1. This is over 100:1.

There is a petition to name the planet Gallifrey, after the home world of Doctor Who, but the IAU doesn’t accept popular names for exoplanets.