Study Skills

“I know that” means “I can explain it to others”, not “Oh yeah, I knew that” when someone explains it to you.

Study Skills

Have you ever been taught how to study? I never had a course in it. I could have done better school if I had known some better ways of studying. Studying is a skill, and learning how can improve your grades, make school easier and more fun, and make you feel better about yourself. Sadly, schools don’t teach it because the states mandate that they teach students all sorts of things, and there just isn’t time to teach proper study skills, which is a shame. That’s why I’ve created this site.

For many students with bad grades, improving study skills will mean that they will do better and get better grades. It’s a matter of making the conscious choice to change bad habits and do the work that is needed.

You need to study because most students think they know the material better than they really do. Yes, studying properly is work, and it takes effort. But putting in the effort will reap academic rewards this will improve how you think of yourself. If you think you won’t study because you’re lazy, go here.

Students, you have a job. You don’t get paid for it, but you have one nonetheless. It’s being a student. It’s learning. It’s preparing for life as an adult. You should be working hard at this job, and doing your best.

It’s not that you don’t have the time to study, it’s that you’re choosing to do other things instead. Studying isn’t fun. Playing Fortnite or Minecraft or Splendor or D&D are all lots more fun than studying. But when you choose to do those other things instead, then you are also saying that you’re OK with the grade you’ll get.

There isn’t anything magic about what I’m going to suggest. Don’t be scared by the long list, you can pick one part of studying to improve, then come back later for more tips. You don’t have to go through this site in this suggested order.

I teach middle school, so these tips are primarily aimed at that age group.

Good luck!
—Mr. Riley