Study Environment

Just as it’s important to study and do your homework at the same time every day, the environment you study in is important. Do you study at the kitchen table? Do you listen to music while you study? Have the TV going? Is your phone always telling you that you have a text or vital message on social media? If you do, then you aren’t really studying; you’re pretending to study.

You should have a good desk in a quiet room, probably your own room. The kitchen table can be fine if no one else is home, but once there are other people coming in, you’ll get distracted.

Music is nice, but it can easily be distracting. Here are some no-no’s:

  • Music with lyrics will definitely distract you.
  • Instrumental music that you like will soon have you humming along.

And here are some good things to try:

  • Classical instrumental music that you aren’t familiar with.
  • White noise
  • Consider something from Sounds for Studying.

Just don’t. The moving pictures and talking will draw your attention.

Put it on silent, or turn notifications off while you’re studying. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on anything earth-shattering. You can listen to Sounds for Studying as long as notifications are turned off/muted.