Sounds for Studying

I don’t mean to say that you can’t listen to something pleasant while studying, it’s just that you should make sure that the sounds won’t distract you. Fortunately there are a bunch of sites that have really nice sounds you can use for this.

Lofi Girl
This YouTube channel has great music that can sit in the background and not get in the way of studying. Also check out the Study Web.

Concentration Music
This YouTube channel specializes in music to study and do work to.

This is one of my favorites. There are lots of background noise generators. I recommend the ones marked as noise blockers, which have a moon symbol next to them. These should help block out other noises around you and let you focus on studying.

This well known site has options for a bunch of different noise blockers, ranging from a cafe, trains, rain, white noise, and more. And you can activate different ones at the same time. And when it’s halloween or if you just like horror, try horrorli.

Ambient Mixer
This is the most configurable option. There are hundreds of existing noises to listen to, ranging from the Griffindor Common Room, Rivendell, a Sailing Ship, Into the Matrix, and more. If the existing ones aren’t enough for you, you can customize your own. Go here when you have time and find some good ones, then bookmark them so you can get them easily when studying.

Space Station Sounds
Personally, I really like the drone of being on a space station. YouTube has some nice long tracks for this. My favorites are Babylon 5Deep Space 9 and International Space Station (ISS).

That’s not to say that these are your only choices. But this is plenty to get you started.