How do you currently study?

You may have some bad study habits that you just haven’t thought about. Think about how you study.

  • Do you always study in the same place, and at the same time? Doing so will help get your brain in the right frame of mind for studying, and also help make studying a habit.
  • What is the environment like? It should help you study. You should have everything you need available.
  • Are there any distractions? They will make studying effectively harder.
  • Do you look over your notes even when a quiz/test hasn’t been announced? Looking over things many times before the quiz/test will make it easier to remember. It doesn’t have to take long to do this.
  • Do you do your homework on time? Make a habit of checking what homework you have, and if some will need multiple days. If you have 2 days to do an essay, you can make an outline and rough draft on the first day, then polish it up on the second.

Just thinking about these may give you some ideas on easy ways to improve your studying.