Artificial blood can carry medicines

Scientists have been able to make Red Blood Cells for a few years. A new twist is that they can put anchor proteins on the surface of the RBCs to connect to medicines. These medicines could be carried around for months until they are either needed, or their RBC dies. This could be a way to fight blood clots, break down cholesterol, or protect against chemical warfare (this technology is funded by DARPA).

Suspended Animation coming closer

Science fiction frequently uses suspended animation to let people travel large distances over long periods of time. And now it may be used on the operating table to give surgeons more time to save lives. They will try it with 10 patients with severe blood loss. After normal first aid has failed, they will replace the blood with cold saline solution through a catheter in the aorta. This will stop the blood loss while keeping organs alive. The organs will slow down so much that the heart will virtually stop, and the brain will stop. Then doctors can work on the original problem without having to worry about blood loss. After the operation they can put compatible blood back in, warm the body, and restart the heart. They will try this with 10 patients, and use 10 other patients with similar problem as controls. If the new procedure is beneficial it will be tried more.

This sounds scary, but has had a 90% success rate in animals.