Be Curious

One thing that I’ve noticed is that students these days on average just aren’t curious. There may be many reasons for this, such as passive entertainment, but it really harms their education.

Of course there are some students who are curious and will look for information on their own. They’re just a small minority; in my experience, less than 5% of students have the initiative to look on their own.

There are fantastic amounts of information easily available to you. Take advantage of them!

Let’s say that you’re currently learning about Genetics, and you’re not sure of some things. You can do a Google search for overview of genetics or introduction to genetics, and get lots of good information. Perhaps your teacher is glossing over something basic and really should spend more time on it. You should ask clarifying questions so that you’re sure that you can explain the concepts. You can use online resources to learn more or fill in gaps.

One way of looking at curiosity is taking charge of your education. Instead of being passive, take an interest and learn more from different sources.

One thing you should pay attention to is trying to make sure that where you get your information from is reputable.

Some good online sources are: